Aldi, Edeka & Co has been around enough and therefore I wanted this time something suitable for Scandinavia DLC.
I personally hate Pixelbrei and prefer quality skins, so all the textures have a 2048 x 1024 Layer. I order the textures hinzubekommen so looked around at wholesalers in Scandinavia, so all the companies are to be found & products from the food industry and in the northern regions of Europe. For most of you this is likely to be unknown, but who owns the Scandinavian DLC certainly have his pleasure.
The textures that I have created are both trailer types and the selben.Die Replacer are separated, you can decide what you want to activate in the game thus itself. If already Replacer are used, you have two replacer so they are loaded to rename the old Replacer.
Have fun, Wellano

Unzip the file, then both SCS – copy files to Modsordner and activate the player profile.

Commercial use of Replacers is not allowed. The Replacer itself and the contents should not be edited, modified or altered in any way. The Replacer and the contents may be downloaded only over Modhoster. With a link to the download Modhoster but this may not be offered on other sites. The logos and names are registered trademarks and the property of the respective companies.

Textures : Wellano
Trailers : SCS Software – 91.3 MB

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