Kogel Trailers v2.1a By Dotec (1.50.x)

Kogel Trailers – this modification adds a high quality pack of trailers from Kögel brabd for ETS2 players. The Kögel Cargo: the reliable partner for logistics companies who value a sturdy, durable trailer – but who also don’t want too much on the scales in terms of its weight. The Cargo is available in a wide variety of frame and body variants and could therefore be the tailor-made answer for you.

Features Kogel Trailers:
– Standalone trailer;
– For the purchase of the property only;

– Working couplers and trailer coupling systems;
– 2 bodies;
– 2 chassis;
– 5 skins;
– A lot of tuning;
– 4 of their weights. registered in 9 companies;
– Animation of supports;
– Simulation of cables;
– Detailed 3D models;

– Template + xml file included.

Changes in v2.1:
– fixed collision boxes
– added palfinger forklift with dynamic blinkers
– added led hamburger rear lights
– added kögel box
– added kögel box mega
– added electric rear door for box variant
– added car transporter for kögel mega with own cargo model inside the curtai
– added böpple paintjob for car transporter variant
– added böpple license plate
– added rear roof lights
– added mudflaps for mega trailers
– added roof tiles cargo for flatbed with side walls
– adjusted xml files for modsstudio2
– fixed jost landing gear
– fixed reflections for metal parts and curtain. I hope it’s better now
– converted all dds and mat files to 1.50 game version. No guarantee for 1.49 game version

Tested on game versions 1.50.x


Download Link: Download mod

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