Krone Profiliner v1.0 by Mario00774 [1.40 – 1.41]

-Standalone Krone Profiliner trailer with 4K AO bake
-One variant of chassis (I will add more in the future)
-One variant of body
-All new textures of reflective stripes
-All new models of palletbox, side-rails with 4K AO bake
-All new models of reflective stripes
-Custom mudflaps (with changeable texture & with template)
-New templates for trailer
-Custom trailer wheels (Maxion 120)

Link 1 – trailer

Link 2 – skinpack

Mario00774 – Rework & adaptation for 1.40, new models and future updates -Axelrol & his team – original mod -Defiant70 – Photos and betatest of the mod -Abasstreppas – Custom trailer wheels -Dasting – Original skinpack and Kondor – Skin rework

Download Link: Download mod


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