The assembly consists of a variety of Trailers best skinners in ETS2, nachiaya with containers and ending!
Replace part of standard trailers SCS!
In total, of the order of 600 skins to trailers taking into account the use of the two options in the Connection Manager mods.
1. Mammoet skin pack. 13 skins.
-Volvo F16 Punisher / Ventyres
-Scania T RJL
-Daf XF SCS & 50K
-Daf E6 SCS & Ohaha
-Man TGX SCS & MADster
-Man TGX e6 MADster
-Mercedes “New” Actros SCS
-Mercedes Actros SCS
-Volvo FH 2013 Ohaha
-Scania R & Streamline RJL
-Mercedes Antos DS3 Design
-Iveco Stralis SCS
-Renault Premium SCS
Author: Hounddog
2. Mammoet trailer skins
Three kinds of skins for 2 different trailers, including 4-axle Krone 4-axle.
3. BelgiumH.Essers Trailer Skin-pack
Replaces skins: Profiliner, Dryliner, Cement, Coolliner and Container SKINS for the SCS Trailer Patch by Bora.
Author: Hounddog
4. Mr Anthony’s Skins & Packs
This package adds skins FreshLinc.
Includes 3 unique skins, Lincoln Cathedral, statues and planes.
Author: Mr Anthony
5. SCS Trailer Patch V1.5
Compatible with v1.24.hh
Schmitz S.KO Cool
Flatbed Rework
100 different Reefers
80 different Curtainsiders
20 different Boxtrailers
40 different Containers
10 different Bulktankers
10 different Glass trailers
10 different Tilt trailers
1 Inloader trailer
1 Flatbed Trailer
SCS, Bora, Kamaz, scaniamatteo, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish
6. Separate Package 4 axle trailer: krone4axe of fashion: 68 Roadhunter Schwerlast Trailer Pack. Version 5.5.0 Neu! 1.24.x.x + DLC Scandinavia.
Attention! If you are using in the game modes: 68 Roadhunter Schwerlast Trailer Pack, then connect mode: krone4axe.
I have a written permission from the author to use Roadhunter separate fashion: krone4axe.
Authors: Roadhunter, groningen263
Fashion of points: 2; 3 and 4 change skins on the trailer:
5. SCS Trailer Patch V1.5
6. Separate Package 4 axle trailer: krone4axe.
The assembly is characterized in that when disconnected from points mod 2; 3 and 4, you will get home repainting the trailers of these packages.
Assembling packets compatible with all trailers.
Note: See item 6. Private Package 4-axle trailer: krone4axe.
Assembling, testing, debugging and change to version 1.24: groningen263
The assembly was tested on a standard map SCS, without connecting other mods.

SCS, Bora, Kamaz, scaniamatteo, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish

Theme_Mega_assembly_of_high_quality__various_trail… – 240.9 MB

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