Mega Wind Tower Anhänger (OVERSIZE) – 1.45

Wind Turbine Tower:
Mass: 74 380kg (74.380t)
Group: construction

NOTE1: Maybe you need to rest several times
before you can see the “Wind Turbine Tower” in jobs list.

NOTE2: You can find the trailer in game trailers reviews:
section: “Low Loader Single Extendable Trailer”
cargo: “Wind Turbine Tower”

Trailer is standalone.
Normal cargo jobs.



Download Link: Download mod

3 Responses

  1. Whitebear says:

    Keep getting hung up on the off ramps and lefts the Truck in the air Because of the two front axes on the Trailer .Love the Trailer

  2. semir says:

    Not work – cargo missing. My game version 1.45

  3. ilhan says:

    alttaki modlar cıkıyor üstteki mod oyunda cıkmıyor

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