Ownable Feldbinder KIP Trailer Pack v1.1 (1.36.x)

A set of realistic models of Feldbinder KIP silo trailers built after 2010, based on
the Owned Feldbinder KIP silo trailer by TZ_Express, Fred_be, LadenSwallow and 22fast4yooou3

New version 1.1:
– added ADR silo variant
– Separation of ADR freights from other freights
– added 4 different sets of custom rear lights (EP2, EP3, Vignal + Hella easyconn)
– added Custom license plate option
– added additional side protection variant with 1 large left slot only

– 63m³ and 42m³ bodies
– 60m³ ADR body
– ADR freights have matching warning signs / ADR plates when loaded
– SCS standard paintjobs, including ‘Duellist’, ‘Canopy’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Sade’ and ‘Crystal Ray’
– compatibility with SCS accessories (wheels, mudflaps)
– Reflective stripes side and rear in 3 colors
– Paintable mudflap with own template
– Painted and steel side protections, painted variants with own template, a variety of
variants with different storage boxes and/or slots for boxes
– Painted and steel rear bumper in ‘standard’, ‘luxury’ and ‘custom’ flavors, painted variants with own template
– Custom rear bumper partially compatibie with other accessory packs like the SCS Trailer Tuning Pack [forum.scssoft.com]
– 4 different sets of custom rear lights (EP2, EP3, Vignal + Hella easyconn) for custom rear bumper
– Custom license plate option

TZ_Express, Fred_be – original KIP trailer model, animations and textures
LadenSwallow – conversion to owned trailer, model reworks, accessories, AO baking, template, skins, ui
^22fast4yooou<3 - freight, texture details rework, test driver SCS - lights, storage boxes

LadenSwallow, 22fast4yooou3, TZ_Express, Fred_be

Download Link: Download mod


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