Owned Feldbinder Silo Trailer v1.0 1.34.x

– standalone, ownable-only trailer
– chassis configurations liftable/non-liftable
– compatibility with SCS accessories (wheels, mudflaps)
– new accessories for side+back reflective stripes in different colors
– AO baking of frame+body
– new paint system allows separate customizable colors for frame and body
– template for skinning
– new body_type
– freight market offers freight like cement, sand et al. for this body_type
– SCS company paintjobs

Skinpack 1 contains:
– Franz Fischer (D)
– Kleinwächter (D)
– Schmidt Heilbronn (D)
– Sievert Handel Transporte (D)
– Sitra (B)
– TIP Tanker Services (NL)
– Woodside Haulage Services (GB)
At the moment the Skinpack1 contains only the trailer skins, but I will probably add matching truck skins later

Link 1 Trailer


Link 2 Skinpack 1


TZ_Express, Fred_be – original trailer model, animations and textures
LadenSwallow – conversion to owned trailer, accessories, AO baking, template, skins, ui
^22fast4yooou<3 - freight, texture details rework, test driver

Download Link: Download mod


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