Reale Company Scandinavien Part 5 v1.5

Finally managed to have found a suitable farm for agro_nord. Please read to the end!
agro_nord = Danish Agro.
The Trailerskin Arla I have to Foodcisterne further angepassst I have the cargo in logos
a resizing thus created to recognize them better. (‘m Also wearing glasses)
The flags of the Statoil gas station are not correct, but better than the red.
A Super Modder called Faelandaea has managed the lack of neon signs and new for the company
Ica Maxi and Statoil gas stations to create. (See pictures)
Since I have no permission to take the parts in my mod I invite here the complete Mod
incl. Danish Agro in my version high.
The Mod of Faelandaea you must then insert itself or Extra Load, here is the link:

3D Signs Scandinavia Companies

and here is the link for Ikea of ??allabouttrucksim: for those who have it yet.
At this point a big thank to Faelandaea for his great job, from me 5 stars and more.
Thanks also to an Brausetablette for pointing out the Mod of Faelandaea.
How to add the mods together is described in the ZIP file.
Tested with DLC Scandinavia 1.17,1.18 and TSM 6.0 I can not say if they are running in the Promod.
Now a lot of fun, even with the new neon signs
lg Dombro
PS: I add the 5 cargo Logos and my Trailerskin for Ikea specially added the her album afterwards
again have a size, the trailer you have to see which you like better.

by dombro

jumbo_trailer.rar – 11.6 MB

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