Schmitz S.KO Cooliner 2020 v1.2 [1.49]

Unlock level fixed
Locator for lashes fixed on RoRo
Fixed light masks

What is the Schmitz S.KO COOL

Built by Schmitz Cargobull AG at their Vreden facility the S.KO COOL is a reefer trailer suitable for temperature-controlled freights and short turnaround times at the ramp.
Standard fitted with Schmitz’ own telematics it allows an end-to-end documentation of the refrigeration chain. Coming with various options it is the optimal fit for the customer.

Model & conversion: JUseeTV Research, reference & technical assist: JUseeTV, Dotec, Glubbschi477, Crumps, daniminho

JUseeTV, Dotec, Glubbschi477

Download Link: Download mod

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