Schwarzmuller DLC Europack v1.0 1.45

Here is the adaptation of my Krone DLC Europack skins. I’m going to readapt update by update, the other skins will follow ­čśë . Here are the skins of the 1.0 adapted for the schwarzm├╝ller + exclusive skins for the schwarzm├╝ller food tanker.
For more informations on the updates, look the change note.

Adapted skins of 1.0 version Krone DLC Europack :
Cooliner -> Schwarzm├╝ller reefer : Da Silva – Gagne – Godfroy – Greilsammer – Grimaud – Intermarch├ę – Klein – Olano – Pellet Moine – Petit Forestier – STG

Profi Liner -> Schwarzm├╝ller Curtain Sider : Alain Foulon – Altrans – Ambroise Bouvier – Breger Mega – Gefco – Grimonprez – Hyper Volume – Jean Rouillon – Lambert – Les Routiers de l’Est

Exclusifs skins for the Schwarzm├╝ller food tanker :
Anhalt (D)
Delisle (F)

Le Sal├ę des Salines

Download Link: Download mod

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