TATA Container Carrier Trailer & Cargo Pack [IND] – 1.41

Hello all,
This is a flatbed container carrier trailer mod of brand TATA for ETS 2.
This trailer widely used in all over India and some Asian countries.
This is my first ever blender work with help of MDModder.
Special thanks to him. And thanks to SCS software for the permission on using some of their accessory models.
And I am still a newbie. So, there may be some drawbacks in it,
example: landing animations may not work but it sill does the job which it is made for.
I wish, I may be able to fix this in next version.
This trailer supports:
20ft cargo containers, 2x20ft containers, 40ft containers and all
types of SCS container cisterns.
Only cargo market jobs are supported now.
Freight market support coming soon in next version.
Supported game version 1.41(No multiplayer convoy)

Link 1 TATA_DLT_Trailer:


Link 2 40ft_High_Container_Cargo_Pack:


MDModder, Satyanwesi

Download Link: Download mod


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