Trailer Skin Pack from Switzerland v1.0 [1.36.x]

• 8 skins for trailers
SCS curtainsider: Hugelshofer, Schöni
SCS reefer: Cremo, Frigo-Trans
SCS dryvan: Die Post
SCS walking floor: Ricoter
Krone Profiliner: HolzZollHaus
Krone Dryliner: Die Post
Feldbinder silo: UFA
• 2 Bonus truck skins (High cab 4×2 only)
Scania R: Hugelshofer
Renault T: Schöni

Note: Some skins require other mods or DLC.
• Skins for Krone Profiliner & Dryliner require Krone DLC
• Skin for silo trailer requires “Feldbinder KIP Pack” by LadenSwallow
• No other mods or DLC are required for SCS trailer skins and truck skins.

Recommended DLC and mods for Flignitz CH Trailers pack:
• Krone Trailers DLC*
• IJ’s Mods Custom Trailer mod by IJ’s Mods*
• Feldbinder KIP Pack by LadenSwallow*
• Krone ProfiLiner ADDON KRONE DLC by Sogard3*
• SCS Trailer Tuning Pack mod by SGD*
Recommended mods for custom truck license plates:
• License Plate Pack for Modified Trucks by Donovan & Vadik
• Next Generation Scania P G R S Pack by Eugene


Download Link: Download mod


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