Trailers Pack v3.0 by Underscore_101_3 [1.38.x]

Four sets of five ownable trailer paint jobs.

Set One:
Saan Transport, Netherlands (curtainsider)
Ellgia, UK (moving floor)
Robsons, UK (freezer)
Jan de Lely, Netherlands (insulated)
Davies Turner Fashion, UK (dry van)

Set Two:
Sandermans, Belgium (curtainsider)
Gregory environmental, UK (moving floor)
Sikkema, Netherlands (freezer)
Smits, Belgium (insulated)
Hogenboom Transport, Netherlands (dry van)

Set Three:
Boerman Transport, Netherlands (curtainsider)
Baetsen, Netherlands (moving floor)
NPK-Holding, Ukraine (freezer)
Boekel Transport B.V., Netherlands (insulated)
TNT overnite, UK (dry van)

Set Four:
H.M. Verploegen, Netherlands (curtainsider)
Jan Mattheeuws, Belgium (moving floor)
Frigo Line, Belgium (freezer)
Buffaload, UK (insulated)
N.V. Cartonnagefabriek, Netherlands (dry van)

The paint jobs are made in high resolution, all main company logos were made into vectors for quality reasons,
no jpg’s or png’s were used for the main company paint jobs (other than as sample files to make a vector from).

All paint jobs are made after real life trailers, however i have used “artistic” freedom to make small changes, for
example when ETS decals were overlapping, or with older liveries correct colours were not always availabe


Download Link: Download mod


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