TZ Express Trailers Pack + Ownable Package (1.40.x)

List of trailers:
Aero dynamic 2win, Bodex walking floor, Fliegl log trailer, VANHOOL tank,
Glass trailer langendorf, WIELTON tank, Kögel MAXX, KRONE Cool Liner,
KRONE Mega Liner, Lamberet SR2 futura, Panel transporter, Schmitz S.PR,
Schwarzmuller Container cistern Nyylcon, Schwarzmuller Jumbo,
Kögel flat bed, Magyar kvas cistern, ROLFO cars transport,
Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box, Feldbinder KIP 63.3,
Krone Load Carrier (double / siding),
Schmitz_Z.KO Folding Wall Box (double / siding) .

List of own trailers:
Schmitz_Z.KO Folding Wall Box, Schmitz_S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box, Schmitz S.PR 24L
Lamberet SR2 Futura, Bodex Walking Floor, Aero-dynamic 2WIN, WanHool cistern,
Kogel flat bed, Kogel MAXX, Sommer Containers, Krone Refrigerated, Langendorf-glass trailer,
WIELTON cistern, Schwarzmuller Jumbo, Schwarzmuller cistern.

The TZ Express trailer mode uses models from other manufacturers designed for GTS / ETS1. The models are partially modified and completely mapped.
Author models converted for use in ETS2. I thank model manufacturers for their perfect work. Work perfect on v1.40 !

TZ Rommy

Download Link: Download mod


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