Caterpillar CT 660 v2.1 1.34.x

– Adapted for 1.34.x game version
– Standalone
– Find in dealer Man (completely separate slot)
– 1 cabins
– 2 chassis
– 7 engines
– 6 gearbox
– Own interior (3 options)
– Its sounds
– Its wheels
– Supports metallic painting
– A bit of tuning

Tested and works on 1.32.x – 1.34.x game versions
*In mod is also a template for skins.

– iljujjkin, jekich1, SCS: 3D model.
– Stas556: envelope, registration.
– Fox071rus: interior modeling, baking, texturing.
– kriechbaum: sounds, registration of engines and transmissions.
– Smith: template, animation help, etc.
– Fire-Blade: modeling 3d max.
– Evelyn Sophie: skins, test
– Mick Brown: technical support.
– Tracy N Nathan Anderso: technical support.
– Gerald Hardie: technical support.


Download Link: Download mod


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