ETS2 KENWORTH-K200 V14.0 1.25.X – 1.26.X



Test versions v1.25.x games – 1.26.X
– Register in the auto Iveco
– Occurs in the company’s order
– Present in the gallery tractors
– Has the real engines, transmissions and sounds
– Its interior cabin with right and left-hand drive
– Support for additional control surfaces
– Has your coloring and editing templanty
What’s New:
– Update version 1.25.x games
– Added a new bed.
– Changed the ground clearance.
– Fixed some details.
– The all-new 3D interior.
– Full of redesigned truck model
– Zapechka on new technology
– New Template
– Numerous improvements, etc.
– Animation of the steering column, the steering universal joint, gas and brake pedals.

jekich1, Virat, SCS: – 3D model.
Smith: – Template support with animation, etc.
Fire-Blade: – interior modeling, simulation.
Stas556: – envelope residence.
NN-Mihail: – Technical Support
Virat – interior modeling, simulation.
Kriechbaum – Sounds residence of engines and transmissions, setting Tracy N Nathan Anderson: – Technical Support
Driver Geo: – Test Video Support
Evelin_Sophie: – Skin Pack.Test
Mick Brown – Technical Support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson: – Technical support.

ETS2_Kenworth-K200_v14.7z – 303.1 MB


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  1. Jack says:

    Hello, I can’t find this truck in any dealership does it have to be in a certain city? Thanks 🙂

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