Free Megamod Truck Pack – 8 Trucks in One Mod – ETS2 1.41 to 1.50

This is a combination of 8 mod truck models that we packaged into one so that it is easier for friends to use mod trucks… so there are not too many mod trucks in the mod manager

This mod consists of 8 types of trucks:

1. Hino 500 By RTGD
2. Hino Profia is Japanese based
3. Nissan Bigthumb By Sheibishi
4. Isuzu.newgiga base is Japanese
5. Isuzu.gigamax base is Japanese
6. Fuso 220 By Hilman Alwi
7. Hino Lohan By Yudhistira Baskoro
8. quester.adi By Yudhistira Baskoro

More Info In Video:

Mbah Guh,Mbah Edy,Mas Bimo Wahyu,Mr. Erick Sumilah, Mas Malieh VH

Download Link: Download mod

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