-Completely Reworked interior and dashboard with HD-textures, new parts and components / Completely redesigned interior and instrument panel with new hd-texture, parts and components;
-Two New interior variants, four interiors total available: three factory and one tuned / Two new interior option is available in all four of the interior, three and one factory tuning;
-Added 4-spoke steering wheel for one of interior variants / Added 4-spoke steering wheel to one embodiment of the interiors;
-New HQ outside interior models / New high-quality external model interiors;
-Support For both EU & UK trucks / Support for EU and UK truck;
-Improved Visual look of truck model / Superior appearance model of the truck;
-Five New cabins and 30 new chassis variants / Five new cabins and 30 new chassis;
-Standard And chip-tuned engines, which vary by sound too (by Kriechbaum) / Standard motors and engines Chip tuning, which range from the sound (from Kriechbaum);
-Lots Of tuning parts / tuning parts Many;
-Added Engine badges / emblems added for engines;
-Advanced Coupling supported / Podderdzhka features advanced hitch;
-Two New windshield wiper modes / Two new modes wipers.
Mod is tested on ver. 1.24.x. Mod tested on version 1.24.

AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, SCS Software

Improved_DAF_XF_105_by_AlexeyP_ver.1.1.rar – 249.5 MB

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  1. Peder says:

    Do you have a template for that DAF 105 improved, ?

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