Improved Renault E-Tech

This mod extra customization for newly added “Renault E-Tech” truck in the game.

-Ownable (Mod Dealer)
-Long Range option added. (Modified Batterys) (Chassis)
-High Sleeper cabin added.
-Skin support added. (Old Renault-T, Evo Skins)
-MP engine sound remote fixed.
-Door Step added. (Standard-Serpent)
-Door Handle added. (Paint-Chrome)
-Mirror added. (Gray-Paint-Chrome)
-Old Sideskirts added.
-Old Steering Wheel added.
-Old Engine Badge added. (Diesel)
-Bull Bar (f_grill) added.
-Lower Grille Guard (b_grill) added.
-Light Bar (r_grill) added. (Suitable “High Sleeper” cabin)
-Left Horn (l_horn) added. (Suitable “High Sleeper” cabin)
-Right Horn (r_horn) added. (Suitable “High Sleeper” cabin)
-Beacon added. (Suitable “High Sleeper” cabin)
-Sun Visor added. (Suitable “High Sleeper” cabin)

Heavy Vehicles Turkey
Harun Aras

Download Link: Download mod

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