INTERNATIONAL 9800 EAGLE v3.0 – 1.49

Updated to 1.49.x.
Corrected MAT files.
Some corrections on DEF files.
Some corrections on cabin glasses.
Some corrections on engines specs (CAT C15 & 3406 only in FULL version). Corrected some lights.
Addded missing horns sounds.
Added some colours.
Metallic paints (Only in FULL version).
Added openable windows.
Added interior coloured lights (Only in FULL version).
Added some cabin accessories (All stuff only in FULL version).
Added some skins. (More skins and template only in FULL version).
Added to traffic with low & high cabin (Only in FULL version).
Added chrome front grill (Only in FULL version).
Added front bullbars (More models in FULL version).
Added cabin aero wing. Added Stoneguard (Only in FULL version).
Added missing wheel particles.
Needs SiS’L megapack to have all cabin accessories available.
And some more things that sure I forgot….

Gamelog clean!

CTV, odd_fellow,Harven,Lucasi,Pauly, FasterCGO

CTV, odd_fellow,Harven,Lucasi,Pauly, FasterCGO

Download Link: Download mod

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