International Eagle 9400i [1.37.x]

International eagle 9400i for ets2 1.37. Update for ets2 1.37 different chassis were added for each cabin.
All accessories have been updated and others have been added.
Animated window for 1.37.
For toy accessories you have to use the SILS’s mega pack mod, download it, unzip it, go to the def / vehicle / truck folder and rename any folder with the name int.9400 and that’s it.
Just bring an engine to have more engines I recommend you download the mega pack sound kriechbaum 3.1 for 1.37 patch, find it on your YouTube channel to install it unzip or I’ll have the mod go to the folder def / vehicle / truck / and change the name of the folder you want by int.9400.

Camioneros virtuales / Cartruck

Download Link: Download mod


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