Iveco Turbostar 2.0 by Ralf84 1.48.x. – 1.49

The mod icludes:
– 4×2 Tractor Chassis
– 6×2/4 midlift Chassis with Tent Container
– 5 Engines L6 and V8
– Eaton Fuller 13 Gears Shifter (2 Variants)
– Zf 16 Gears Shifter
– 4 Different Interior variants
– Original Iveco skins
– Template
– Many Interior and Exterior Accessories
– Sisl Ready
-Standalone truck, Sold in Iveco Dealer shop

– Reworked cabin ambient occlusion
– Reworked front bumper
– Reworked front grill
– Reworked head lights, fog lights, blinkers texture and lightmask
– Reworked air filter box (added 1984 version)
– Reworked battery box (reworked model and added battery release lock + hoses)
– Reworked cabin lift pump
– Reworked fuel tanks
– Reworked stock exhaust models
– Reworked chassis accessories (chassis front, chassis rear)
– Reworked shadows
– Added chassis cover accessories
– Added light grey plastic accessories
– Added cabin ladder accessories (now separated from Spoilers)
– Added right chassis ladder accessories (now separated from chassis)
– Added left chassis ladders accessories
– Added custom left exhaust accessories

– Reworked dashboard model
– Reworked curtains
– Reworked materials (dashboard, tunnel, walls, doors, bed, roof, seats, curtains, instrument panel ambient occlusion and textures)
– Reworked rear cabin wall (added bed courtesy light and wall details)
– Added walls and roof color selection
– Added bed accessories (upper bed, custom bed)
– Added floor accessories
– Added head lights button animation

– Reworked truck engine sounds
– Reworked truck effects (air brake, jake brake, air cutoff, light and turn stick, air gear, gear grind)
– Reworked cabin noise sound
– Reworked truck noise sound

– Fixed paint fenders (missing blinker and rivets)
– Fixed right air horns
– Fixed cabin proportions (length, width)
– Fixed shadows misalignment
– Fixed tank dummy misalignment
– Fixed interior ext model (misalignment and missing parts)
– Fixed gps display not showing the map

New Features
– Fuel tank capacity now is changing depending on the selected model (500, 750, 1100, 1400 liters)
– Cabin creacks and rattle sounds depending on the terrain asperity

Known Issues
– Steering wheel 3d model errors
– Dealer camera is crashing when switching from first person mode

Ralf84’s Garage

Download Link: Download mod

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