KENWORTH T680 v2.0 1.31.x

New version 2.0:

– 1.31.x.x compatible, now includes cables.

– can be purchased from the Daf salon

This is a mod pack containing the fully functional truck as well as some other mods – some are mine,

others are made by other people. For full details about who made what,

read the text file “This mod contains” included in the archive.

This is what the truck would look like when all upgrades are bought.

The custom beacon was removed due to incompatibility with the

game – the model appeared entirely red instead of silver + orange.

The big wheels included in the previous build were removed due to some incompatibilities with 1.31.

If you use a game version before 1.31, these wheels should work just fine.

Now, instead of the big wheels, the mod includes new wheels

3 important notes:

• Sometimes the truck appears without a steering wheel when first bought.

I have no idea why that happens. In order to fix that, go to the nearest tuning shop and buy a steering wheel.

• Once bought, the truck is permanent. Meaning you can’t just buy it, try it,

sell it and keep your career and profile going on like you never bought it.

That’s why I strongly suggest you make a test profile for it first.


• Finally, I think I managed to make the truck accessible from level 0 in the truck dealer.

In case I have failed in doing that, please, post in the topic and I’ll see what I can do further.


Download Link: Download mod


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  1. tkm says:

    tiers not working

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