KENWORTH T908 V7.0 [1.30.X]

*Fully autonomous model
*Registered with the starting page
*Buying in the showroom “MAN”
*4 cab variants
*4 chassis (4 for the right rudders)
*Many tuning (external)
*Its interior is 3 types (+ right-hand drive)
*Your wheels
*Your own sound + new N14 v2.0 and N14c
*Dyed in metallic
*Walking camera.
*Changes in version:
*Added an icon in the GPS “Speeding”
*Fixed red background on the clock in the cabin
*Fixed visor in the cabin
*Lightened texture shadows
*Added registration file “Physical Salon” (janitors no longer rock separately from the cabin),
*Added new paint colors
*Mirrors are fixed (there is no reflection delay when the camera is turned on)
*Reduced figures on the hood (new ones added)
*Changed old and added new air filters
*Fixed bumper lights
*Support for DLC
*New templates for skins
*New 3D interior
*Baking on new technologies
*New templates for skins
*Huge selection of tuning from the outside
*Animation mud flaps, pedals
*Completely redesigned, improved model of the exterior and interior, to create new high-quality textures, new 3D-parts
*Fixed textures and minor errors.

*The test on the versions 1.30.X

Virat, SCS, Stas556,Envelope,Kriechbaum,Robert Bogdanov, Gerald Hardie,Smith,Mick Brown, Mishanka, Knox.

ETS_Kenworth-T908_1.30.7z – 408.3 MB


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