Krone Profi Box Carrier Pack v1.6.3 1.50

Changelog v1.6.3:
-Fixed a bug that caused barriers at border crossings to close when you tried to pass through them
-Adjusted maximum trailer weight (gross_trailer_weight_limit is now 18,000 kg)
-Fixed several minor visual issues

This mod includes a new turntable trailer (Krone Profi Box Carrier AZW18 eLB9) as well as a central axle trailer (Krone Profi Box Carrier ZZW18 eLB10).
Both were modelled, textured and implemented into EuroTruckSimulator2 completely by me (Sebastian7870).

How can I reverse the turntable trailer myself?
go to your profile directory and open the config file (EuroTruckSimulator2/Profiles/yourprofile/config.cfg)
In the file, you must change the “uset g_simple_parking_doubles from “1” to “0”.


Download Link: Download mod

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