Low deck chassis addons for Schumi’s trucks by Sogard3 v5.6 1.50

Changelog v5.6

Daf XF Euro6
-Updated to version 4.9 1.50
-3.8m & 3.6m WB chassis.
-New models(fueltanks, chassis frame, rear fenders…)
-New facelift exhausts.
-Sometimes chassis cover gets removed when you select different fueltanks or exhaust, you have to select the chassis cover again.

Daf XF 105
-Updated to version 4.1 1.50
-3.8m & 3.6m WB chassis.
-Short rear frame versions.
-New models(fueltanks, chassis frame, rear fenders…)

Part 1:https://modsfire.com/FGIEqMy9y4esUJE
Part 2: https://modsfire.com/IcUGk37qXvHHe2O

SCS, Schumi, Sogard3.

Download Link: Download mod

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