Magirus-Deutz Transeuropa Megapack v3.4.1 1.49

Changelog 3.4.1
-Fixed pink textures for the 6×2-4 chassis
-Updated the dashboard script
-Updated some automats
-Fixed bugs
-Adapted for 1.49

This Mod Includes:
– 4×2 6×2/4 and 6×4 Tractor Chassis.
– 4×2 Rigid Chassis including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
– 6×2 BDF Chassis including different swapbodies.
– 2 Different Cab Types
– 3 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Trailer for the Rigid Version
including a Tilt Body and a Dryvan Body.
– 2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable Semitrailer with Tilt and Dryvan Body
– 2 Axle Blumhardt Ownable BDF Trailer with different Swapbodies
– Much more Accesorys for Exterior.
– New Interior Look Exclusive.
– Dummys for Interior Addons.
– Now More Interior Acc´s available
– Changeable Steering Wheels
– Different Skins
– 4 Different Authentic Engines: 256,310, 340 and 360 HP
– Authentic Gearboxes
– Original Sound of the Legendary Air Cooled Deutz Engines in V8 and V12
-Buy in Iveco or Mod Dealers


Download Link: Download mod

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