MAZ 5340/5440/6430А8 REWORKED UPDATE

– Fixes and improvements in the model.
– The model files are converted to the new format for running version 1.27.
– Corrected the scale of CB radios and stereos, added the place of installation of the tachograph next to the recorder.
– Added Petrovicky and new stickers on the side Windows.
– The material of the engine and the radiator blackout.
– Additional file is included simple mod adds to the game two removable, daytime running lamps, installed in the slots of the tuning (for example, to protect the bumper). Tried to make it compatible with other mods on the trucks.
– Improvements and fixes for the residence.
– Fixed to work on version 1.27 of the game registration animation gauges and warning lamps are low-pressure air to the instrument panel.
– Improved engine brake (when activated, no transmission is switched to the step below).
– The sound pressure signal С40В prescribed in the standard configuration model, now no need to install additional accessory for authentic sound. The accessory is abandoned to improve compatibility with previous savegames.
Added a separate package registration components to work with the mod “Sisl”s Mega pack”.
– Known bugs that still does not work fix:
evident in the distance, the grid of polygons on some parts (although only slightly).
Copy the files in the folder: \mods\ and enable it in the profile, first the main archive, and above it, if necessary, the rest of the files. Cm. detailed descriptions of each file in the file Manager Mods games.
IMPORTANT: For use with DLC “Cabin Accessories and National Flags Window” connect relevant archives with a residence permit components.
If You are going to play with the chassis MAZ-5340 (tent), then connect the mod to the cargo with a higher priority basic fashion. If this chassis is not going to play, mod loads do not need to connect.
Tested 1.27.x


maz_5440_a8_for_1.27_release_1.3.3.rar – 87.0 MB


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