Mercedes Benz Axor 1840 MP3 (Standalone) 1.33.x


Extensions and Enhancements;

1) Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.32) and (1.33) versions.
1) There are 2 Mug Options. The differences are Spoiler Models.
2) Vehicle Completely Converted Independent. Scs Tool and Axor Modes on the market does not conflict.
3) Bellows Steering Wheel Animation.
4) Realistic Physics are found.
5) Actual Engine Sound.
6) The vehicle is cumbersome. Suddenly Not Accelerated Like Other Vehicles.
7) 1 Piece Ceiling Tassel Available.
8) Available with 2 sun options. (Plastic Color)
9) There are 2 Optional Peak Light Sets. (Hella-President Signage)
10) 3 Glass Font Option Available.
11) Available with 3 options. (Stock-Sedef-Gray Sedef)
12) 4 pcs behind the cabin logo and windshield are illuminated signage. (Red-Blue-White-Yellow)
13) There is a mobile phone.
14) Selective Air Horn Model Behind the Cup.
15) Spoilera Option Lollipop Light.
16) Mirror Bottom And Front Roller Shutter Option Earring Lamps.
17) The chrome set is available on the vehicle.
18) There are 3 pieces of LED in the cup and chassis. (Orange-White-Red)
19) There are 5 Flooring and Curtain Options. (Red-Blue-Gray-Brown-Powder)
20) There are 11 Cabin (Interior) Light Options.
21) Vehicle Full Ao Coated.
22) Compatible with Cabin DLCs.
23) Physical and visual improvements were made.
24) Leds in the vehicle are covered with Lightmask. Thus, FPS does not lead to loss in the game.
25) There are 12 pieces of skins (Skin)
26) There are 3 leds front and rear for option leds.
27) 4 pieces stop stop is available.
28) There is an animated matting option.
29) Physical and visual improvements were made in the docks.

Mercedes-Benz Axor 1840 MP3 (Standalone) Version 1.0


Cabin Model Owner : DanZ
Vehicle First Edit : Oğuzhan Canev
Car Latest Edit, Convert, Ao, Def, Fix : Harun Aras
Trailer Model Owner : kirill_mladshev
Trailer First Edit : Yasin Çalım
Trailer Latest Edit, Convert, Ao, Def : Harun Aras

Steering Knuckle Animation : Munir Temiz
İnterior Parts : Munir Temiz
Real Dial : Yavuz Ergen
Light Parts : Yavuz Ergen
Curtain, Mercedes Logo : Mahmutcan Yuksel
Plate-Light : Erdem Kuzey
Trailer Stop : Munir Temiz, Alp Bey, Metehan Bilal
Glass DDS : Alperen Saglam


Harun Aras

Download Link: Download mod


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