Scania XT Pack v2.0 1.49

This is a complete rework of TheNuvolari’s 1.0/1.1 Scania XT pack, with permission from the author (who in turn got permission from Blade1974 for some of the stuff inside it).

New for 2.0:
– Separated the original unitary bumpers into bumper, front mask and grill inlays
– Four bumpers (painted and duty, with and without foglights)
– Three front masks (painted, matt black and dark gray)
– Two grille inlays (painted and black)
– Defaults and overrides to make all the parts switch when you select a bumper (defaults to black with gloss ribs on normal bumpers; black with black ribs on XT)
– Load before Eugene’s “No Gray Parts” addon, as it has definitions for the gray bumpers to make it compatible with the SCS trucks
– Included Kelsa MinibarXL has additional locators to allow LAZER ST8 extra lights (no lights included)


Download Link: Download mod

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