Ural 4320-10 [upd. 01.02.18] (1.30.x)

– Standalone;

– buy in Renault Shop;

– 3 cabins (headlights change);

– 5 chassis (including BDF and 2 cranes);

– 10 engines; – 12 checkpoints;

– Its own sound;

– Your salon (3 options);

– Their skins;

– own Tuning;

– Their wheels;

– Salon tuning (DLC partially supported).

Authors: Equalizer, Lacoste36

Mod is adapted to the version of the game 1.30.x

Clean Log

In this version, only the truck is in the archive (trailers and loads from the previous version are removed)

Author adaptation: sdonbass18

You can buy in the showroom “Renault”

Version 01.02.2018 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.30.x):

-Added 2 engines:
1500 hp
1900 hp
-Increased illumination of the game world when viewed from the cockpit
-The instrument panel and sensors are brighter

Modified by: sdonbass18

Authors: Equalizer, Lacoste36,adaptation and Modified by: sdonbass18

Equalizer, Lacoste36, sdonbass18

Download Link: Download mod

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