Volvo F10/12 v1.50

-fixed lowcab missing interior top in exterior sight
-deleted top lamps from lowcab
-engine datas are now original
-added optional fan in the top left corner of the cab
-added 2nd toyhang; suitable rooffan and cb radio for it
-Updated to version 1.50

The mod includes:
2 cabins
2 models
Original interior
Stock sounds
4 chassis+rigid
Accessories and tuning parts
Can buy in mod dealer

Antonio62, Josvanni

Download Link: Download mod

2 Responses

  1. ghost says:

    for some odd reason when i buy the truck after making my changes to it and to select my garage my game crashes back to desk top with this mod.

  2. ghost says:

    ok i don’t know what you have done to this mod but the camera is miles away from the truck with out a trailer. i have a scania 141 mod that the camera is perfect on it. its a shame as i like the rear tag lift on it and the truck as a whole.

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