Volvo F10 8×4 PBA heavy goods vehicles v2.15.3e

For all Volvo Fan’s
There is now also an old Volvo F10 8×4 for Schwertransporte.den unfortunately it was only in 6×4 version until now. With its 1000 hp motor V10 3.7l FSI turbo double charged he pulls trailer weight of etwar 180 tons. And the sate sound of the V10 turbo pulls everyone in its spell. This 8×4 version is just right for people who are not on the whole Modern scrap, and prefer to drive an old Volvo F10 with plenty of power under the hood. Volvo F10 was on Modhoster veröffendlicht here for the first time and gives the driver the filled j one with the truck to be. Volvo F10 8×4 there are on Modhoster in the Different versions available for download. This mod was only to me privately run a long time has passed, and then I thought if I as a fun with this Volvo Trucks have so why should not other people in order to have fun. so I have here the Volvo F10 8×4 for you, I hope you have uploaded to the truck much fun
Dern special thanks
goes to the Uhrmoder (Stass556) who created the beautiful truck again, I would like to take Moder (Chris) he has given a 8×4 truck chassi for heavy haulage. I myself have so the mod posted here and then have the mod only adjusted the values of the motor chassi Tankinghalt etc or Variegated. and last but not least I Say thanks made me even with the Skinner The Lommerts this beautiful skin. I hope you have fun with these ausergewöhnlichen Mod euern even if this mod is not realistic. 🙂
Caution Caution Attention Attention
A new version of the 1.14.1 patch is already in operation and will be ready balt hope at last
With best regards

ETS 2 Moder Stass556 , Moder Chris, und Skinner Gandorin Skinner Lommerts

Volvo_F10_8x2_Spezial__Schwertransporter_mit_Smok_Mod.rar – 79.0 MB

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