VOLVO FH 2012 Brazil Edition v3.5 1.35.x

Update “Volvo FH 2012”
Several corrections were made in the mod that caused locking and closing of the game.
Chassis 8×2 that locked and closed the game was arranged
Fixed texture error in colored paralama
Added Lameiros small patterns of the volvo in all chassis and animated lameiros.
Added Animated Lameiros to chassis 8×2
Fixed bug in hoses floating on 8×2 chassis
Fixed cards that do not appear on Chassis 8×2
Added colorful closed paralama to Chassis 8×2
Fixed Arla stairs that closed the game
Fixed air conditioner with lack of texture
Several bugs that have not been visible to you have been fixed as variants and programming of defs with errors.
Buy the truck in the mod shop, if you open it directly in the Volvo it will be without accessories and it will look like the mod is buggy but no! just buy there where it is being indicated.
Do not use this mod with other mods of VOLVO will give conflict and will crash your game.
If the 8×2 hoses are buggy in your game just buy the option of hoses in the shop in the store, it is rarely happening but it is still due to the standard settings of SCS.
For now this is hug to all soon I will be with more news for you if God allows remain in peace.

Rafael Alves

Download Link: Download mod


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