Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] v20.011s

Wheels not included. Lights not included.
This is a standalone version.
For the DLC skin mod to work, you must have the original DLC skin packs already installed and activated! The mod simply enables them, in your truck service.
This forum is the only place I provide support for this mod.

– fully converted to and exported from SCS Blender Tools
– minor (or major) reworks on some parts
– few new parts and / or variants of existing parts
– small bugs fixed

update to v20.11s

– fixed “invisible’ stone guard in interior view.

truck SCS Software
tweaks, additions and rebuilt parts ohaha
tandem variant based on Flemming V’s mods.
DLC skins pack update by Kilonum
bug hunting – this forum’s users.

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1 Response

  1. Dado-J says:

    Hello Adrian. I must first thank the mods you’ve done so far; in the first row of the FH16 2013 and FH16 2009 Classic,because these are the modes that contributed to the game to be interesting and dynamic. For me personally FH16 2013 mode that most benefits, until now.This mode v 20.011 things back a little bit, because I find flaws with rectangular flashers ie. they are on the lower bumper and white rather than orange. Small lights with the tag w 2013 when the
    front grid pulsing when he turned on the left turn signal. That does not happen when the rancid right turn signal. In the exhaust pipe so.”Ronny C Exhaust (Long)” no points for lights !? Also on the dashboard standing mark 0 km without moving. I think the dashboard that is did Piva, was more appropriate. With all this I think it would be necessary to work on tooltips because game log shows deficiencies. Speaking about tooltips, it may be that someone in SCS Software continually says diversions game, because with each new update something changes in the core base of the game, so many modes can not be used, but it is not your mod v 19.06, I had to do modify the data for the camera mode to be functional. Otherwise version of my game is 1.24. I think you do not mind on these observations and hopefully the near correction, because the right to enjoy the ride of your beauty.
    Thanks again.

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