Volvo FH Premium Edition v4.0 [1.41.x]

Volvo FH Premium Edition v4.0 ETS2

2 cabins
4 chassis
5 engines
3 transmissions
1 interior
Painted in metallic
A lot of tuning
Added three chassis options, including tandem
Two variants of NTM BDF refrigerated bodies for tandem chassis have been added
Added an old-school sunroof parking cooler and an Atlantic light panel
Hella headlights
Redesigned lightboxes
Added animation of the steering column
A new NTM tandem trailer with two variants of the refrigerator body has been added
Added a new old-school semi-trailer-refrigerator Lamberet
Added a Tonar grain truck trailer with its own cargo and logistics
Added a new LDS gas carrier trailer based on the Turbosquid 3D
model from Jekich1, with its own cargo and logistics
Added a wonderful big skin pack 4K & 8K from Andrey Mikhailov
All truck and trailer parts, license plates can be changed, all templates are included
All errors of the previous version have been fixed

Nikola Trucks

Download Link: Download mod


2 Responses

  1. barnacle man says:

    does not work it says incompatible i am running on 1.41 how fix?

  2. Digital X says:

    Pretty sure this is a paid mod…

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