VOLVO FH16 8X4 1.21



Adapted for transportation of superheavy cargo chassis Volvo FH16 8×4.
Mod adapted to patch 1.19 -1.21
The basis is taken from the mod Roadhunter “Volvo FH 2009 8×4 Ulfers V4.1” which was published more than a year ago. Thanks to the author.

List of changes:

– Added this truck in dialer center.
– Added this truck in company.
– Added real engine tuning D16G700 euro 5 (848 hp 3818 Nm).
– Added branded headlights “Volvo”.
– Added camouflage skin.

– Characteristics of the chassis (including the volume of the fuel tank) have nearly real values.

As the game ratios gearbox and drive axles are registered in a single file, we had to make some identical gearboxes with different final drive ratio.
After the name of each transmission, I have two options – FG (first transmission gear ratio) and D (differential gear ratio).
The higher differential ratio (D), the more thrust and less top speed.

Maximum trailer weight – 200 tons.

Tested on 1.19 -1.21

model: Roadhunter
Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado – 15.5 MB


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