VOLVO FM & FMX v2.1 – 1.47

v2.1 with fixes & update to 1.47.x by CTV

Fixed insufficient buffer warnings.
Fixed material warnings.
Corrected dashboard colour lights warning.
Fixed missing 420CV badge.
Corrected 6×2 taglift chassis.
Fixed u.i. shadows in all chassis.
5th wheel hook corrected position.
Corrected 5th wheel height.
Fixed windows rain masks.
Fixed beacon flares.
Fixed u.k. interior models not corresponding.
Desktop trucks corrected names.
Fixed interior glass in wrong position.
Fixed interior camera position.
Fixed wheel particles.
Bottom grill & front grill corrected position.
Fixed Advanced coupling system.
Fixed Roof part interference with antennas.
FM beacons position corrected.
Fixed cabin accessories missing in exterior view.
Steering wheel corrected position in exterior view.
Country flags corrected position in cabin view.
Added windshield accessories.
Added A/C vent accessories.
Added Sisl’s megapack accesories addon.
And sure more.

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CTV, jekich1, Stas556, galimim, Sogard3, Schumi, Eugene

CTV, jekich1, Stas556, galimim, Sogard3, Schumi, Eugene

Download Link: Download mod

2 Responses

  1. Millos says:

    Uh how to install this mod? I’ve tried to put it in mod folder, installed it in Mod Manager but it’s not appeared in-game

  2. Millos says:

    Nvm I figured it out

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