This is the final update of Extreme Road Fever Map : ERF Map. Now there is an massive change in this update. Village environment & hilly environment are added to this map. Now it is fully a perfect map which was basically started with a concept of extreme off road. After releasing 1st update it got popularity to the foreign people so we wanted to update it and it’s the last update of the map. Hopefully you guys enjoy the update very much. Download link in comment section.

Map Type: Standalone
DLC: All dlc required.
Review: https://youtu.be/0OZTblBcfQo

This Map MOD Is Copyrighted to “Solmon Alice” Youtube Channel & “ModFlix BD” Facebook Page. Do not Re-upload Or Edit Without Permission. Highly Restricted Not To Share Direct Link. Use The Original Video Link To Share. If Any YouTuber Do Any Review Or FB Live, He Must Share Original Video Link Given By Solmon Alice or ModFlix BD. Otherwise, I Will Take Legal Action.

Disclaimer: Sharing reviews without this video link from this channel is highly prohibited. Copyright is enforced for this map. So please, submit the link of this review video wherever you share anything about this map.

Sadman Sakib Andalib.
Solmon Alice.

Extreme_Road_Fever_3.0_Update_Only.zip – 9.5 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com


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