Skinpack for Feldbinder KIP trailer pack v1.3.1

German Companies Skinpack includes:
– Franz Fischer (63m³ – New Actros)
– Freund (63m³, 60m³ ADR – DAF 105, DAF Euro6, New Actros)
– Hegelmann (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Actros)
– Kleinwächter (63m³, 60m³ ADR – New Actros, Renault T, Volvo 2012)
– Kobernuss (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros Streamspace)
– Nijmeijer Transport Logistik (63m³ – DAF Euro6, New Scania S, Volvo 2012)
– Reinert (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6)
– Schmidt Heilbronn (63m³ – New Actros, New Scania R)
– Seifert (63m³, 42m³ – New Actros)
– Sievert Handel Transporte (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 42m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)
– Steinkühler (63m³ – MAN TGX Euro6, New Scania R)
– Transsolution (60m³ ADR – New Scania S)

European Companies Skinpack includes:
– Bibby Logistics (GB) (63m³ – MAN TGX, Renault T, New Scania R)
– H. Essers (B) (63m³)
– K&K Services (GB) (63m³ – Volvo 2009)
– Martrans (PL) (63m³, 42m³ – Renault T)
– Nillezen BV Oeffelt (NL) (63m³ – DAF Euro6, New Scania R)
– Panalon (E) (63m³ – DAF Euro6, New Scania R, Iveco Hiway, MAN TGX Euro6, New Actros, Renault T, Volvo 2012)
– Sitra (B) (63m³, 42m³)
– TIP Tanker Services (NL) (63m³, 60m³ ADR, 42m³)
– Woodside Haulage Services (GB) (63m³. 60m³ ADR – Volvo 2012)

Scandinavian Companies Skinpack includes paintjobs for single trailers and tandems:
– Bulk Johansson (63m³ + Tandem – RJL Scania, New Scania R, Volvo FH16, Volvo 2012)
– Dansand (63m³ – New Scania R)
– E. Laurila Oy (FIN) (63m³ + Tandem – RJL Scania, Volvo 2012)
– Mordal Transport (NO) (63m³ + Tandem – New Scania S650)
– Johs Rasmussen (DK) (63m³ + Tandem – Volvo 2012, MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster)
– Hans Jensen (DK) (63m³ – New Actros, MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster, MAN F2000, Volvo 2012)
– RL Trans (FIN) (63m³ + Tandem – DAF Euro6, New Scania R, Renault T, Renault Premium, Volvo FH16, Volvo 2012, New Actros)

Link 3 Feldbinder KIP trailer pack v1.3.1


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