FS22 CISTERN NEFAZ 96742-10 ETS2 V1.46.X


Mod features:

Completely autonomous.

Sold in the property in the dealer of modifications of trailers – Nefaz.

Normal tuning.

Do not support advanced hitch. (Made by USSR)

Last changes:

Corrected the position of the wheels.

Registered own cargo.

The log in the game is 100% clean.

Tested on ETS2 version: 1.46.x

It will also work on the previous version 1.45!

Don’t forget to leave an honest review in the PM of our community.

All smooth roads and a pleasant journey!

Oleg Strukov (Comsorg).
Cargo registration author: Master_Yoda

Cistern_NEFAZ_96742-10_ETS2_v1.46.x.rar – 37648973 uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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