HUNGARY MAP V0.9.28D 1.45



Changelog v0.9.28d for 1.45
This is a compatibility update that does not yet include new areas, only minor refactorings: e.g. In Pusztaszabolcs, the area around the church(s) and the railway station, in Pusztavacs (between Örkény and Albertirsa), the “Signal Tower” marking the center of the country, and many minor repairs.

Unzipping the .7z file will result in 3 .scs files, which will be copied to the “mod” folder and then activated in the “Mod manager” of profile.
After reducing the 4 files used so far to 3 files (hungary_base.scs, hungary_model.scs and hungary_def.scs), only these are needed, all can be deleted!

Indian56, Frank007

HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.28d_1.45.x.7z.001 (2.0 GB)
HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.28d_1.45.x.7z.002 (343.1 MB)

2 Responses

  1. Tetragaming85 says:

    J’ai placé les 3 fichiers dans le dossier MOD. J’ai créé un nouveau profil dans ETS2 et j’ai activé les 3 fichiers .scs.
    Ensuite le jeu me demande de charger une sauvegarde mais il n’y en a pas. Que dois-je faire ?

  2. Hajdu Tamás says:

    polgár iskola utca 3
    bárczik gutvá álltos iskola s kogglégom puszi
    20 éves

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