This mod contains a custom Owned Curtain & Flatbed Trailer based around the SCS trailers.

Accessories include: All SCS parts as of 1.33
Supports 3 & 4 axle variations.
Painted SCS cage sideskirts.
SDC like sideskirts
SDC like painted rear bumper.
Painted SCS Euro3 and Eco rear bumpers.
Custom marker (side) lights that double as indicators.
Marker (side) light slots to allow custom small lights to be used.
A pack of my LED/Strobe lights.
Custom LUX wheel rims, Inverse and Edge Only options.
Aero sideskirts – as chassis option.
Custom conspicuity markers (reflectors).
Crane for flatbed (optional accessory).
Painted Mudflaps
Painted fenders
2 lovely pirate paintjobs to celebrate the pirate scum who steal my work and make money from it.

There are 16 variations of conspicuity markers and their colour confirm to EU legal requirements for the Curtain. 4 variants for the flatbed.

Version 5.7:
– Remade flares from scratch;
– Added a new colour flare;
– Added half white/yellow;
– Add support for SCS dog-ear markers;
– New shop icons for lights;
– Removed static markers in favour of slots for older trailers.

Version 5.6:
– Added full painted box & cage;
– Tweaked curtain/4m SDC markers for US light slots, removed static rear/front lights, replaced with slots for parity with 4.8m SDC;
– Improved quality of full painted SDC DUO side skirts;
– Added Goodyear Tyres to Trailer & non-paint version(Requires Goodyear DLC);
– Added dryvan;
– Removed FRC logo.

Version 5.1:
– Added 4m SDC with square back;
– Added some accessories for new trailer;
– Fixed bug with burger lights lamp mask.

Version 5.0:
– Removal of ALT SDC skirts;
– Addition of new ALT SDC skirts with aero and bars;
– SDC curtain and insulated curtain (4.8 meter height).

IJ’s Mods

IJ__x27_s_Custom_Owned_Trailer_v5.7.zip – 22.6 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com


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