KAMAZ 5460 / 65221 + TRAILER NEFAZ-8332 1.39



The pack contains a fully customizable KamAZ truck and a trailer.

Mod features:
Autonomous, sold at a KamAZ dealer (dealers of brands from modifications);
One cabin;
8 chassis (5460,6460,65201,65117 (tandem) and off-road 4326,65221,6350,43118 (tandem));
Your salon (3 steering wheel options and 4 braiding options for each steering wheel);
19 engines (6 YaMZ, 7 KamAZ, 6 Cummins);
15 transmissions (6 KamAZ, 9 ZF);
Your sounds;
Your wheels;
Supports painting + metallic (including 2 skin options);
A lot of tuning;
Supports advanced hitch;
Full support for DLC Cabin Accessories.

Note on trailers: All weights are standard. To select a cargo for a trailer in the game, select the “cargo exchange”.

There are 3 files in the archive:
Kamaz_8x1_Koral.scs – Truck
Kamaz_Nefaz_Koral_Dirt.scs – textures “Dirt” for KamAZ and trailers
Nefaz_8332.scs – Nefaz trailers (road and off-road, single and double, all are purchased as property)

Adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94;
Many thanks for the tips and help in correcting Lyokh’s errors72.

kamaz_pack.rar – 813.8 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com


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