KENWORTH K200 1.40 – 1.41



Adapted: for ETS2 V1.40.
Updated: Some materials or their properties, fuel tanks.
Corrections: for light sources, mirrors, interior materials properties.
Additions: Steps for fuel tanks as a separate tuning element.
Audit: light sources and some accessories.
Changes: models of the tract, interior, individual tanks, some accessories and light sources.
Delete: Unused files and individual accessories options.

Standalone Kenworth dealer
Fully rework model
– Baked on new technology.
– 2 cabins
– 3 chassis
– Different types of engines
– Different types of gearbox
– paint
– Huge tuning
– All new 3D interiors.
– Many options (various settings of the trim, dashboard, etc.)
– New template
– numerous improvements, etc.
– Animation of the steering column, steering cardan, gas and brake pedals
– Support Pak Sisl
– Support DLC Steering Wheel

Test for 1.40.x

Jekich1, SCS: – 3D model
FOX071RUS: – Interior models, manufacture, modeling
Smith: – template, help with animation.
Fire Blade: – interior models, modeling.
Stas556: – Envelope and Setup
Kriechbaum: – Sounds of engines and gearboxes
Gerald Hardie: – Technical Support
MICK Brown: – Technical Support
Tracy N Nathan Anderson: – Technical Support
Dave Burgess: – Skins
Editorial, update and support for BlackSitearea

kw_k200_rta_mods_v14_hcc_bsa_ets2_v1.40.rar (181.9 MB)

2 Responses

  1. Cave Johnson says:

    Do the Kenworth dealers appear on the map like all of the vanilla dealers or are they in their own random locations?

  2. Anthony says:

    Can this get updated to 1.47?

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