KRAZ 255-258 (1963-1967) ETS2 V1.45.X+


cover_kraz-255-258-1963-1967-ets (1)

“KrAZ 255 – 258 for ETS2 version 1.45+”.

Last changes:

Attention: Errors are excluded, since the mod was tested on a test profile!

Adaptation for ETS2 version: v1.44.x – v1.45.x and higher.

Converting the entire “PMG” 3D model under ETS2 1.44 and 1.45 (SCS Blender Tools).

“PMA” animation conversion for ETS2 1.44 and 1.45 (SCS Blender Tools).

When converting a 3D interior model, all “MAT” files are automatically loaded into the “automat” folder.

On a dark night, the brightness of the on-board computer and clock is reduced.

Changed the position of the steering wheel to standard + pack steering wheels.

Fixed bugs in other previous versions ­čÖé

Fixed in-game log to be 100% clean.

The mod is fully optimized and ready to go.

Latest test on ETS2 version:

Support for version 1.43 is also included.

All good mood and pleasant travel!

Authors of FMOD Sounds: SerialBlack and XBS.
Adaptation under 1.43: AJIEHA. (Thanks!)
Animation of windows and steering wheels KrAZ: AJIEHA. (Thanks!)
3D Model Conversion: MaxX_Agent.
Army and rusty skins: MaxX_Agent.

KrAZ_255-258___40_1963-1967__41__ETS2_v1.45.x_.rar (575.2 MB)


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