MAN TGX 8X4 10X4 ETS2 1.31.2.X

MAN TGX 8×4 10×4 ETS2 1.31.2.x 20.05.2018

Version 8.3
– ready for 1.31.x.x
– DLC Flags

Version 8
– ETS2 1.25.x.x ready
– with Advanced Coupling
– Ulferts Skin + Template

what is new on V7.0
– 10×4 Chassi
– some game_log warnings and errors

DLC Cabin Accessories ready

Heavy Tuning
-3x Stoneprotect ( in sunshild )
-4x Heavy Cargo Child ( Convoi )
-5x back Mudflaps ( in exhaust_r )
-3x front Mudflags ( in b_grill )
-DLC Heavy Cargo Paints ready
-TGX Lightuning
-Highpipe ( in exhaust_l )
-sideskirts for 8×4
-sidelights for 8×4
-lift axes
-.scs and pmg open
– xxl Cabin without Spoiler
– Kelsa Highboard
– TGS Bumper for 8×4 chassis
– TGX Bumper for 8×4 chassis

Mod by GT-Mods (powered by ETS2 Studio)
-new models and reworks – GT-Mike
-base models SCS Software
-textures SCS software

ets2_1.31.2.x_MAN_TGX_8x4_10x4_v8.3.rar – 19.6 MB


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