Map Jawa Barat PRO

Previously, thank you to the Map of West Java PRO teams that I respect:

– Rizky Arifin _ author Map of JABAR ETS2
– Imam Kurniawan _ author Map of MEIK ETS2
– Rio is good _ author Map KLATEN ETS2

And supporters of Map of West Java PRO that we respect:

– Yuli indrayana _ author MOD TRUCK & BUS ETS2
– M. Rais _ author Map RAJAWALI & JAVALOVA ETS2
– Elvis Felix _ author Map ELDORADO ETS2

Bonus map of the PRO version of West Java Banten Province with a scale of 3: 1, this map runs on version 1.36 UP ,,

So those who want to use this PETA, please pay attention and see your ets2 version … and will get free updates to complete West Java …


Download Link: Download mod


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