Mercedes Benz Actros, Cabin A has been changed to default version, as now when MB logo is in vanilla game anyway.
Mercedes Benz Actros, Cabin does not fail on internal toys anymore.
All trucks can now have toys without any errors in cabin.
Wheels and Rims tested (Including possibility to change colours) and no problem found. It should work as well.
Reflex signs on rear of almost all trailers at the mudflap is removed.
Texture map (UV-Mapping) has been checked to make sure it is aligned on all cargo boxes
Texture map (UV-Mapping ) has been checked to make sure it is aligned on all trailer boxes
All Cargo updated to WOTR cargo as well, which mean you can haul WOTR with tandem trailers.
All Trailer packs has been updated with new cargo (WOTR) as well as old. (Remember to download them again as well.)
Universal trailer has been fixed. Until I find the real problem with it, it has the reflex on mudflap back on it.
Shadow has been fixed under the truck on all 13 trucks. (Thanks to Capital and 50Keda)
ALL trailer packs on page 1 is updated with manifest files, some have changed name slightly, so delete old one and add new one.

Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin)

dd_tandem_truck_pack.scs – 477.0 MB

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