Big Pack of Trucks and Trailers v10.0 – 1.46/1.47

Adds a large pack of trailers and a truck from different authors to the game

Mod features:

Fixed all errors in the log and which are associated with the pack!!!
American trucks and a couple of trailers have been added!!!
In general, at the moment there are 40 trucks in the pack + various chassis modifications + cabins (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trucks!!!
In general, at the moment there are 48 trailers in the pack + various modifications – chassis + bodies (exterior) with modifications there will be about 100 trailers !!!

Pak only for versions 1.46 and 1.47!!!


Unpack the archive, drop it into the mod folder and read the installation instructions

Removed all-metal body from the gazelle!
Redistribution of KAMAZ 43101, the seat version has been redone and the interior too!
Cleaned air freshener accessories in stock trucks!
I replaced the saddles for these beauties! Fred classic and fred 120!
Added New loads 18+ (Prices are more expensive)
Refrigerators, Tents, vans, isometric trailers! Loads 18+ will be activated from the second level of the Fragility skill and 18+ smuggling either from level 3 or from level 4 of the Fragility skill!
Fixed textures of accessories for curtains, steering wheels and some table toys on R and S scans!
Fixed interior Iveco S nosed! Textures were haphazard!
New curtain bodies have been added to the Lawn Next and a trailer for it! Expanded the front base a bit in width at the request of the players!
Replaced the substrate of the game world, the latest version and without an EAA card!
New Background Menu added!
Added American and European Trucks to Agency Orders!
Cleaned the steering wheel accessories from the Sisla pack, now in stock trucks it is for this or that brand that the steering wheels are from Sisla and not everything is in a mess!
I corrected the rudders on Kraz Maz and Scania 143, now the rudders are right!
Replaced the texture of the standard steering wheel on the Mercedes MP1 now it is not pinkish!
I redid 3 local garages and made them more used! Removed offices from 3 local garages, something broke something replaced, etc. now they seem to be similar to used garages and have become cheaper! 5 local garage all the same for the price!
Minor fixes that we found!





Download Link: Download mod

2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Quit the game!
    Crash error!!!
    real emergency pack 1.4 (base) is not compatible with version 1.47!

  2. Steve says:

    Game crash!!!

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